Will we meet again?

The newly-launched Methodist Way of Life (MWOL) is a serious attempt to support Methodists in their desire to deepen their discipleship together. It provides a straightforward pattern to be taken and adapted in local contexts and offers a model of spiritual enquiry that was such a prominent feature of the initial Wesleyan mission. It helpfully shapes this enquiry using the pattern of Our Calling and, in doing so, reminds us that Methodist tradition undertook this kind of enquiry as a corporate practice as well as part of individual devotion.

In a post-Covid Church, is it the right time to re-establish this way of meeting? Wesleyan Way of Life Communities, is my idea for small, committed, intentional groups of Christians gathering midweek to reflect their faith and discipleship, to support one another and be mutually accountable, to discern God’s presence in their life and in the lives around them, and to be renewed for ministry and mission in daily life. It's free to download and use, and I'd be delighted to hear who it's working. Over to you ...

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