Dreams of a New Normal

This is a project provoked by the current crisis of Covid-19 and the forced lockdown of church members and closure of church premises. For the last two months, we have had to improvise in terms of worship and fellowship and many have encountered the joys of social media for the first time. A great deal of effort has gone into maintaining contact and a semblance of church life, including Sunday morning worship. 

Now that we are heading towards the easing of some restrictions and the possibility of opening of church premises, there are major questions about what it is that we have learnt from this experience and how church life will be different when we return. It would be easy to forget those lessons in the rush to return to normality and so I have devised some simple tools that will help local churches and Circuits to capture some of this potentially creative thinking and dreaming. 

Please have a look at the introductory video below and click through to the resources. Happy dreaming!

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